Nice to meet you!

My name is Kasia and I live in Edinburgh. I love my city but having a bit more sunshine would be nice. No complaints though:) I'm a huge fan of online shopping although I usually send most items back. Feeling guilty probably;) Maybe because of my minimalist ambitions. If you would like to know me better then you may wish to know that my main interests are:

Natural healthcare and skincare

Life coaching and self-development




I have studied for several years (and eventually graduated!) Also worked, like most of us, as a cleaner and a waitress at some point in my life. Also, I  have experienced expats' problems as well. The best way to relax for me is to spend time at home with a face mask and a book or outside - preferably close to nature. Alternatively you can often find me in the National Museum of Scotland staring at all kinds of minerals. I love to cook but it's great to eat out. I don't like coffee but I drink lots of herbal teas. I love animals. My new ambition is to travel at least twice a year. Fingers crossed! I've been through some crazy relationship-things and a quite long period of being single (highly recommend) but for over two years now I'm happily in love with my boyfriend. Want to know more? You can either Write to me or follow me on Instagram :)

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